Junior Coaching

The Junior Coaching Program is for our younger tennis players to begin their tennis journey and move them on their pathway towards tournaments and competitions. We utilize the Evolution Kids Tennis Methods of Learning and Development for our Under 10 kids and transition them to Tennis Australia and ITF guided programming in the 10+ junior development programs.

Red Ball

Age 4-7

Duration: 45 minutes

This program is for our youngest tennis players to begin their tennis journey with the Evolution Kids Tennis(R) Methods of Learning and Development, the global leader in kids tennis development.

  • The tennis journey starts with the red level. Red balls are felt, larger, bounce lower and travel slower than the standard yellow ball making it easier to learn and acquire skills.
  • Red Ball Tennis is generally for players younger than 8years old.
  • Players learn to serve, rally and score with a slow ball, along with the movement and co-ordination skills needed for tennis.
  • All Red Ball Tennis classes are run on a 11m x 5m court.

Orange Ball

Age 8-9

Duration: 60 minutes

Mini Tennis Orange is a great way for players to continue their progress from Red Ball Tennis and is generally for players aged 8 and 9 years old.

  • Orange balls travel through the air a little faster and further than the red ball, but are the same size and still bounce lower than a yellow ball.
  • Players develop a rounded game learning a range of techniques and tactics.
  • All Orange Ball classes are run on a 18m x 6.5m court.

Green ball

Age 10-12

Duration: 60 minutes

Green Ball Tennis is generally for 10-year-olds and older who are ready to test their skills on a full-size court.

  • Green balls have a slightly reduced bounce compared to the yellow ball making the transition to a full-size court much easier.
  • Players will continue developing all aspects of their tennis skills in a progressive manner to ensure they are equipped with the necessary skills to progress to playing with yellow balls on a full-sized.
  • All Green Ball classes are run on a full sized court.

Junior Squads

Age 12-16

Junior Squads are generally for players aged 12+ or those who have progressed from Green Ball.

Players will learn to develop both their technique and tactical skills which will help them with their transition from the Green to Yellow ball. They will also learn about different ball characteristics, game situations and match strategies.

C Squad – For beginners over the age of 12 or players who have progressed from Green Ball.

B Squad – For players competing in Junior League competitions who have progressed from C Squad.

A Squads – Advanced players looking to take their tennis to the next level and have progressed from B Squad.

yellow Stage

Age 12+

Duration: 60 minutes

Our players are now ready to use the full pressure yellow tennis balls that you see the professionals using.

During this stage players will take part in a variety of drills and exercises that encourage them to think their way through a match and develop their own game styles.